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Sep 26, 2012 5:00am EDT
could soon road in california. governor jerry brown signed a establishing safety and performance regulations for the vehicles. working onrs are that can drive themselves. experts say they can make roads safer, reduce congestion, and e commuters from the drudgery of driving. >> the first dancing all-star sent home. >> pamela anderson was at the scoreboard and the not to save her. she did not stick around for interviews. >> pamela. >> pamela anderson and her partner were the first all-star as to leave the ballroom. they danced once, but pamela also skipped out of doing any interviews after her elimination. >> why is she not here? >> i believe she was definitely disappointed. am. >> he admits they did not raise could have.hey time just got away from them. >> maybe the time, the nerves, the intensity of what we were .oing just not pan out the way we wanted. y are out of the competition. a former champion found himself two.e bottom his partner barely survived eliminations. is already looking ahead to jive.eek's >> i will try to make it the best the dance floor has ever seen. bleed, ca
Sep 27, 2012 5:00am EDT
replacement refs and the real refs are in for the baltimore ravens and the browns game. not know if it is me, are extra birds chirping, there are people around. in the horizon. even though the new deal would until the weekend, told theyn tonight.n to work it was that play on monday night football that triggered a wave outrage when seattle was the game after it appeared green bay had one. they will see an increase in pay several thousand a season and retirement benefits will be new hires.r the flip side, the league new have the power to hire the ones replacing underperforming. this was all over $3.3 million a money. pension the commissioner of the lead -- released a statement he looks forward to having the best referees on the field and he also thanked the fans for their passion. an average salary of $173,000 a season. return tonight in baltimore. >> do not be too happy. there are just refs. a small wisconsin t-shirt company is about to make a big -- calle t-shirts say "worst ever." they sell for $12.70. scoreay that was the the game. it is getting national attention. >> california, new york,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2